Lore Corporate Advisory

Private Limited

Companies Act Compliances:
    • Formation of
      • Companies
      • Partnership Firm
      • Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)
      • Foreign Companies having registered office in India
    • Change Services
      • Change in the Name of the Company
      • Change in the Capital Structure
      • Change in the Constitution of Board
      • Change in the registered office
      • Change in the Constitution of the firm/company/LLP
    • Approval Services
      • Obtaining Prior Central Government Approvals, as maybe necessary
    • Charge Management
      • Creation/Modification of Charges
      • Satisfaction of Charges
    • Compliance Related services
      • Allotment of shares
      • Appointment of Statutory Auditors
      • Appointment of Managing Director, Whole Time Director etc
    • Informational Services
      • Corporate Social Responsibility
      • Registration of resolutions etc
    • Investor Services
      • Investor Complaints & resolving the same
    • Amalgamations, Acquisitions, Mergers, De-mergers & Other Corporate Restructuring
    • Annual Filing
      • Annual Reports (both XBRL and Non-XBRL)
      • Annual Returns
      • Compliance Certificate
      • Filing of Cost Audit Report and Compliance Report (XBRL Mode)
    • Due Diligence for Financial Institutions, Investors etc.
    • Secretarial and Legal Audits
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